DIAMETRAL FROH & MUNTER RECORDS Berlin-based DIY-micro-label                   founded 2012 - (Re-)releases of CATALOGUE:
FM001: DIAMETRAL: Mir Kommen Die Tränen (CDr; 11/2013)
FM002: DIAMETRAL: The Diametral Archives Vol. 1 - Good Neid (free download, 12/2013)
FM003: DIAMETRAL: The Diametral archives Vol. 2 - Stichwort: Zukunft (free download; 01/2014)
FM004: DIAMETRAL: Erste (17th Anniversary Super-Duper-Mega-Hyper-Hyper-Freak-Edition) (Re-release of a 1997 C-60-Tape with bonus material; free download or print-on-demand-Do-CDr with artwork; 02/2014)
FM005: DIAMETRAL: Kill Me, I’m Dead (CDr; 03/2014)
FM006: DIAMETRAL: Kill Me, I’m Dead (DVD+CDr; 03/2014)
FM007: DIAMETRAL: Kill Me, I’m Dead - Remixes & Reworks (Do-CDr (1st edition); 03/2014)
FM008; DIAMETRAL: Love Is The Devil (free download single; 04/2014)
FM009: DIAMETRAL: Musik Und Mehr (2nd Edition; Remastered) (DVD+CDr; 04/2014) M
FM010: CLAUDIUS LOIK: 1 (2nd Edition) (CDr; 04/2014)
FM011: DIAMETRAL: The Diametral
Archives Vol. 3 - Geschenkt Ist Noch
(free download; 04/2014)
FM012: DIAMETRAL: In Diesem Zimmer EP (CDr; 06/2014)
FM013: DIAMETRAL: Y?Y?Y? (CDr; 09/2014)
FM014: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: Einen Like Dalassen 
FM015: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: Do You Really Love Me? (feat. DIAMETRAL) (digital download single & EXTREMELY limited CDr edition with additional bonus track; 10/2014)
FM016: DIAMETRAL: The Diametral Archives Vol. 4 - Ihr Werdet Nichts Bemerken  (free download; 10/2014)
FM017: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: Fußnote (CDr; 12/2014)
Zu Teuer
(CDr; 06/2014)
FM018: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: No Hablo Espanol  (CDr; 04/2015) 
FM019: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: OMG-I’m Being Killed (digital download ep / bonus Cdr on the first edition of FM018 - 04/2015)
FM020: DIAMETRAL: Arbeit Ist Arbeit (CDr; 06/2015) 
FM021: CLAUDIUS LOIK: Du Schaffst Es Nicht! (digital download ep; 10/2015)
FM022: CLAUDIUS LOIK: Kick Me (CDr; Deluxe-CDr; Cassette; 11/2015)
FM023: DIAMETRAL: The Diametral Archives Vol. 5 - Markenzeichen: Misserfolg (free download; 11/2015)
FM024: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: Wiederholung Als Prinzip - Remixes #1 (free download; 12/2015)
FM025: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: Fußnote (Tape-Re-issue) (Cassette; 12/2015)
FM026: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: 14U14ME - Remixes #2 (digital download; 2 CDs, 2 Cassettes; 02/2016)
FM027: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE & DIAMETRAL: Immer Schön Helm Auf (digital download single; 03/2016)
FM028: JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: 10 Little Tricks To Become A Meaningless Piece Of Shit (CDr; Cassette; 03/2016)
FM029: DIAMETRAL: Alle Anderen I (Cassette; 04/2016)
FM030: CLAUDIUS LOIK, DIAMETRAL, THE JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: Alter Niemand EP (digital download; 08/2016) 
FM032: DIAMETRAL: The Diametral Archives Vol. 6 - Die Wahrheit (free download; 09/2016)
FM031: CLAUDIUS LOIK: Kirschen In Nachbars Garten (Cassette, CDr; “Deluxe”-CDr; 11/2016) 
FM033: DIAMETRAL: Schnee & Eis EP (digital download; 11/2016)
FM034: THE JOHN DOE EXPERIENCE: Io Non Parlo Italiano - Remixes #3 (free download; 01/2017)
FM035: DIAMETRAL: Vielleicht Wird Alles Gut (16th Anniversary Re-issue with 3” Bonus CD) (CDr in DVD tray; 01/2017)
FM036: CLAUDIUS LOIK: Morbus Loik EP (digital download; 02/2017)
FM037: DIAMETRAL: Die Zeiten Ändern Sich (17th Anniversary Re-issue with 3” Bonus CD) (CDr in DVD tray; 03/2017)